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Business Owners

Operating a successful & profitable business can be costly, time consuming, and a daunting undertaking personally. Balancing the demands of running your business, while still being able to enjoy your personal life can make that challenge of having a successful, profitable business even more complicated.  

No matter what stage your business is in, weather you are a startup company, or an established entity, it’s critical to have a plan in place that’s in the best interest of your business. Our business plans are tailored to help you with protecting personal and business assets, mitigate your risk exposure as possible, and have a long-term strategy to help scale your business to the level you have envisioned. If your business will be a prime retirement vehicle for yourself, proper retirement planning and effective exit strategies become even more essential.

Your P.E.G.G advisor has the expertise to help at every stage in the lifecycle of your business. We get to know you and your business on a personal level, consider all the options, and develop recommendations that help keep your business and personal goals on track.  

Turn to a P.E.G.G advisor for assistance with:

  • Business Valuation  Finding the true value of your business, while helping you strategize to scale your business.
  • Risk Management – Positioning your total portfolio to mitigate potential risks in order to maintain your wealth.
  • Succession Planning  Enabling a smooth transition out of the business when it’s time to pass it on to another individual.
  • Benefits Planning – Helping businesses of any size with overall group benefits, 401k plans, and health and disability insurance for employees.
  • Tax Strategies  Coordinating with our strategic specialists to create tax-saving strategies to help mitigate your tax bill.
  • Retirement Strategies – Allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor after your paid work ends.

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