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Changing Careers

Looking for a Career with High Income Potential and the Support to Succeed? 

Become a PEGG independent financial advisor!

Whether you’re looking for a more profitable career path or just getting started as a financial advisor, PEGG can help. We provide all the support services you need to succeed as an independent financial advisor – enabling you to run and grow a profitable practice.

As a PEGG independent financial advisor you’ll enjoy high commission payouts and access to invaluable support services like these:

  • Back-office administration
  • Advanced technology
  • Compliance support
  • Training and coaching
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing support
  • Employee benefits
  • Practice management
  • Succession planning
  • Access to a network of subject matter experts, including CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and property/casualty specialists

Download our financial advisor brochure to learn more

Learn how joining the PEGG network of independent financial advisors can pave the way to a profitable career change with significant potential.