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Focus on Your Clients…While We Take Your Practice to the Next Level

As a financial advisor, helping clients reach their financial goals is your top priority. But often, that leaves little time and attention to run an efficient, profitable business for yourself.

The solution? Join the Professional Economic Growth Group network of independent advisors!

We offer a complete, flexible suite of support services that allows you to focus on what you do best: serving clients’ financial needs. We take on the non-revenue producing demands of running a successful practice – leaving you more time to concentrate on meeting your clients’ needs and growing your business.

As a PEGG independent financial advisor you’ll enjoy industry-leading commission payouts, a competitive benefits program through our affiliates, and exceptional administrative, marketing and technology support.  Our transition program makes it easy to move your practice seamlessly – eliminating the typical hurdles and hassles of changing broker dealers and building a new team. And with turnkey support no matter where you’re located, PEGG frees you from the operational challenges of running a practice.

PEGG is equipped to take on the many tasks needed to run and grow your business – offering both flexible packages and a la carte options that put you in control.


You’ll benefit from: 

  • Industry-leading technology that streamlines your work and enhances client service
  • Unique product offerings that enable you to meet the needs of a diverse client base
  • Case design and consolidation services that help you illustrate potential returns and benefits
  • Compliance support that makes it easy for you to meet regulatory requirements
  • Training programs that help you stay current on the latest and best practices
  • Lead generation that connects you with prospective clients
  • Digital and traditional marketing programs that help you build your brand
  • Market research and analysis that enables you to make the most informed decisions and recommendations
  • Succession planning that ensures your practice will go on long after you’re ready to retire
  • Practice management support that offloads some of the legwork and frees you to focus on your clients
  • A network of subject matter experts at your disposal – from an in-house CPA and attorney, to partners in estate planning and property/casualty insurance
  • Other back-office administrative services that help you run your business effectively and efficiently

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Learn how joining the PEGG network of independent financial advisors can free you to provide better service while you earn more.