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High Net Worth Individuals

Your hard work and dedication to your business has made you very successful in your financial journey, but that journey doesn’t end here and can be far from over. It’s very important that you have to a strong plan in place that will work for you as hard as you have worked for yourself, one that will preserve your wealth by mitigating potential risk factors while putting your wealth to work for you so it can continue to appreciate while maintaining your lifestyle.

At Professional Economic Growth Group, we have an understanding that your financial needs may be very complex and strenuous. Whether you’re facing a potentially large personal and/or business tax burdens, aiming to pass on a significant legacy to loved ones, business succession needs, or looking to bestow assets to charities that match your values and you’re passionate about, there are many variables that if not properly planned for, can have a negative impact on your wealth and your overall lifestyle.

Our P.E.G.G advisors are uniquely equipped professional’s that help our clients navigate through those variables and work with them to come up with a plan that’s uniquely designed to accomplish their objectives. Working closely with other specialists in the financial industry, we serve as a point of service that effectively coordinates with these professionals to come up with a plan that’s designated to preserve your wealth, mitigate any potential wealth eroding factors, and have your money go to work for you.

Turn to a P.E.G.G advisor for assistance with:

  • Tax-efficient Planning – Coordinating with our strategic specialists to craft tax-saving strategies that help mitigate your tax consequences.
  • Risk Management – Positioning your total portfolio to mitigate potential risks and to maintain and appreciate your wealth.
  • Estate Planning – Providing proper protection for the inheritance to your heirs, offering estate tax strategies, ensuring the right trustee is appointed, and helping you avoid probate to simplify the estate process.
  • Charitable Giving/Planning – Crafting charitable donations in a way that offers a great tax benefit overall, while allowing you to fulfill your personal passions.
  • Retirement Planning – Developing the right strategies to help you enjoy the fruits of your labor while maintaining your wealth.
  • Wealth Management Taking all components of the financial spectrum and coordinating them to effectively manage your wealth.

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