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Who We Are 

Dedicated to Your Financial Success

Professional Economic Growth Group (PEGG) Founded in 1991, is a full-service, independent Insurance and wealth management firm rooted in a personalized and unique approach to helping you plan your financial future. PEGG was founded on a fundamental premise: That every person’s financial needs and goals are as unique and different as they are. That philosophy has served as our unwavering guide for nearly three decades.

We help people like you achieve your long-term financial goals while enjoying life along the way. We’re passionate about helping you live the life you’ve envisioned, by balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s dreams.

Setting the Path

With your objectives as our guide, P.E.G.G advisors craft strategies and plans that are personalized and comprehensive – creating a financial roadmap designed to take you where you want to go. Whether you’re looking to grow your wealth, minimize your risk, or protect your assets, we can recommend effective ways to turn those goals into reality.

PEGG financial advisors draw on a comprehensive suite of services in developing a financial plan tailored to your needs. Our core services include:

  • Wealth Management – enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your labor today while growing and sustaining your wealth for tomorrow
  • Asset Management – Our low-cost, and diversified investment plans are tailored specifically to your unique objectives and goals
  • Retirement Planning – Developing a plan and a strategy for building and maintaining the wealth you need to live comfortably after paid work ends.
  • Personal and Business Insurance – Keeping you, your family, and your business protected no matter what life brings

A Dynamic Approach

As certain events in your life take place, whether they are expected or unexpected, your financial objectives and goals can change. That’s how we approach our planning process – creating plans that grow and evolve as you progress along the road of life. From the major milestones you can anticipate, to the unexpected twists and turns that can have a negative impact on your financial situation and lifestyle, we help you prepare.

Our financial planning process starts and ends with your goals and objectives, with regular check-ins to adjust as your needs change. We call on our strategic alliance partners as needed to make sure you're getting the most out of a complete and centralized plan – including CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and property/casualty insurance specialists – to ensure your plan is comprehensive and integrated. This can have a great effect on your plan as we can coordinate all the components smoothly it takes to have a successful strategy.

Let’s discuss how PEGG can help you achieve your goals.
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